NH Research Seminar Series

The NH Research Seminar Series is an opportunity to share and learn about health research that can inform Northern Health priorities. This series promotes research conducted in the north and also seeks to invite speakers highlighting relevant research across the globe. This series is open to everyone (NH staff, physicians, patients, community members, academic partners) All are welcome to join! The series are a free one hour presentation followed by thirty minutes of questions and discussion.

Upcoming series 2024:

  • May 2024 (No series due to Five Days in May programming)
  • September 26, 2024
  • November 28, 2024

Past presentations

  • March: Advancing patient-oriented research: Resources, experiences, and available supports. Presented by: Davina Banner-Lukaris, Shayna Dolan, Leana Garraway, Marc Bains, Sherri Mytopher and Rhyann Fairbrother.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: @#nTrn8R
  • January: How to build a clinical trials program. During the last 5 years, BC Cancer Centre for the North has successfully developed a clinical trials program, bringing novel treatment options to Northern BC. Presenters highlighted collaboration, successes, challenges and future plans. Presented by: Dr. Roel Schlijper-Bos and Dr. Robert Olson.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: ?CLan6l@

  • October: An interdisciplinary panel comprised of members of NH and UNBC discussed the important work the two institutions do in partnership towards improving health research in the North. It includes examples from projects, activities and innovations from the panelists’ own work.
    Listen to the recording
  • May: A descriptive study of the patient journey for patients with Opioid Use Disorder enrolled in a rural Opioid Agonist Therapy program in Northern British Columbia. Presented by: Rob Pammett.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: NH@research2023
  • March: Harmonization of group perspectives: A case study of clinical practice guideline implementation at a large regional health authority. Presented by: Dr. Fraser Bell.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: i#1*nY6^
  • January: Understanding engagement in care for patients who access Opioid Agonist Therapy. Presented by: Dr. Erin Wilson and Kristine Rowswell.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: NH@research2023

  • November: Meeting the future challenges of climate change using clinical informatics, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence. Presented by: Dr. Andrew Deonarine.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: NH@research2022
  • June:  A quality improvement approach to the appropriate use of antipsychotics in long-term care. Presented by: Tracee Dunn.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: brownbag@2022
  • May: Building a Northern biobank: A community effort. Presented by: Dr. Nadine Caron.
  • March: Sustainability failure: Understanding the factors influencing sustainability of innovations in the Canadian health care system. Presented by: Dr. Raelene Marceau.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: brownbag@2022
  • February: Barriers to engagement in patient-oriented research. Presented by: Dr. Davina Banner, Dr. Nancy Clark, Barbara Croome and Shayna Dolan.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: brownbag@2022
  • January: Understanding the experience of rural maternity care providers during the COVID-19 response in British Columbia. Presented by: Catilin Blewett and Dr. Trina Fyfe.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: brownbag@2022

  • November: What about the kids? Learnings from early years research initiatives in northern BC in the midst of COVID-19. Presented by: Dr. Caroline Sanders, Erica Koopmans, Lisa Provencher, Tess Amyot and Theresa Frank.
    Listen to the recording
  • October: From cumulative impacts to co-benefits: Why engaging intersectoral partners on the health impacts of resource development offers pathways to a healthier future for northern British Columbia. Presented by: Dr. Margot Parkes, Dr. Raina Fumerton and Sally Western.
    Listen to the recording
  • June: Climate change and health impacts in northern British Columbia: An overview. Presented by: Naomi Khan, Lisa Ronald and Paula Tait.
    Listen to the recording
  • February: Rehospitalization risk factors for mental health and substance use in northern British Columbia. Presented by: Jim Campbell.
    PDF PP presentation | Listen to the recording
  • January: Leveraging technology to support persons living with dementia in rural and northern communities. Presented by: Dr. Shannon Freeman and Dr. Richard McAloney.
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