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Safe Reporting

Northern Health’s Safe Reporting office receives and investigates reports of possible wrongdoing by individuals associated with Northern Health (e.g. employee or contractor), in good faith and without fear of reprisal. This includes disclosures from employees covered under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

It also provides for a consistent and administratively fair investigations process into reports of possible wrongdoing.

Safe Reporting does not take the place of Northern Health’s existing reporting and complaints structures. If possible, concerns or complaints should first be brought to local management using our contact form.

For concerns relating to:

Safe Reporting is for those occasional situations where an individual who wishes to report a perceived wrongdoing of a Northern Health employee or contractor, and is convinced that the normal internal process for such disclosure is inadequate or has failed to respond adequately to their concerns.

What can be reported to Safe Reporting?

Examples of wrongdoing can include:

  • Illegal activity, or noncompliance with any federal or provincial laws or regulations.
  • Theft, bribery, fraud, or corruption.
  • Unethical or unprofessional conduct.
  • Unauthorized use or misuse of public funds or resources.
  • Mistreatment of, or actions posing a threat or danger to, patients, staff, the general public or the environment.
  • Gross systemic mismanagement.
  • Non-compliance with Northern Health policy.

How do I report to Safe Reporting?

To report a case of wrongdoing to Northern Health at any time please use one of the contact methods below. Any reporting will be treated in a confidential manner.

Tel: 1-844-649-7545
Email: Safe.Reporting@northernhealth.ca

Mailing address: 
Northern Health Safe Reporting 
600 – 299 Victoria Street
Prince George BC V2L 5B8

For more information: