Leaving the hospital (discharge)

Your health care team will work with you and your family to help you get better as soon as possible. Leaving the hospital is your next step toward recovery.

Depending on your condition, you might be going to:

  • Your own home with the support of care providers you need, 
  • A long-term care home or assisted living facility, or
  • A rehabilitation facility

Planning for you to leave the hospital starts as soon as you arrive. Wherever you go next, as with any change, it may take time to adjust. It's important to make sure you and your family are ready for the change. 

What if I don't feel ready to leave?  

Talk to your health care team about your concerns; it’s okay to ask. You health care team can help you plan and address any concerns you have. There are resources to support you when you leave the hospital.

Once you’re better and don’t need a high level of medical care and attention, hospital care is no longer required. Leaving the hospital helps make sure you can maintain your strength and independence.

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Your health care team will make sure you know in advance what day you’ll be discharged. This will help you plan ahead so someone can pick you up at the arranged time. Once it's decided that you don't need hospital care any more, we can't delay your discharge day or time.

Your health care team will work to have you discharged as early in the day as possible so you can get things organized for a smooth transition (e.g., pick up medication).

Some of the information you’ll need to know before you leave:

  • Who's going to pick you up?
  • When will they pick you up?
  • What items do you need before you can leave (e.g. clothes, wheelchair)?

Print and complete this document for a full list of information you need to know before you leave the hospital.

After you leave the hospital

After you leave the hospital, the best way to benefit from your treatment is to take good care of yourself. Remember, you’re the most important member of your health care team!

No matter where you go after leaving the hospital, you’ll need to follow the instructions from your health care team. This will help prevent problems that might put you back in the hospital.


Can I delay my discharge time?

Your discharge time won’t be delayed if you haven’t arranged for someone to pick you up or accompany you home. With this in mind, please plan ahead to have a pick up ready for your discharge day.


How do I request my health records?

Call one of the facilities in your area for more information or fill out an Authorization for Disclosure of Clinical Record Information form and send it to the location where you were treated. See the Information Privacy Office page for more information about requesting your health records.


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