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Northern Health has released its hand hygiene compliance reports for
Northern Health is pleased to announce that IV cancer treatment on Haida Gwaii is expected to resume in late October 2019, following a temporary suspension due to recruitment challenges.
BC Health Authorities and the BC Ministry of Health are issuing a public service announcement for persons considering undergoing needle-free filler treatments.

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“In Canada, vaccines have saved more lives than any other medical intervention in the past 50 years.” — ImmunizeBC

Northern Health’s Regional Nursing Lead, Immunization, Pat S., says one of the best ways you can stay healthy and protected from vaccine-preventable diseases is to get immunized.

Pat says when people are immunized, they not only protect themselves, they also protect those around them.

“There are people in our communities who can’t get immunized, such as babies who may be too young to get vaccines, people with poor immune systems, and people with certain medical reasons such as those undergoing cancer treatment,” says Pat. “By staying current with your vaccinations, you can help protect those people in your communities. The more people who are immunized, the better, because then it’s more difficult for vaccine-preventable diseases to spread.”