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Measles catch-up

B.C.’s Measles Immunization Catch-up Program.

Information for parents and students.

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Water Safety Tips

Stay safe this summer.

Visit our Injury Prevention Water Safety page for links to tips and resources. 

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Latest News

The Government of British Columbia is partnering with the City of Prince George and Northern Health on an innovative project that would bring together new affordable housing and health-care s
Summer brings many things, including enjoying our time on the many lakes in northern BC.
Northern Health has released its hand hygiene compliance reports for quarter 4 (2018-2019).

From our Blog

Youth mental wellness campaign

We asked — you delivered! During our recent Youth Mental Health campaign (held on Northern Health’s Facebook and Instagram accounts), youth and those who care for them followed along and engaged with energy and enthusiasm. We want to share some of the great ways people are taking care of their mental health. Thanks to all who participated!

Your comments – here’s what you said about how you take care of your mental health:


“Communicating how I’m feeling – the good, the not so good, and the downright difficult.”

“Journaling, talking, finding a therapist, daily logs.”

“Reaching out when I know it’s necessary, so I don’t stagnate in a depressed state.”

“Talk to someone – so I don’t feel alone.”

“Express myself and my emotions.”