Falls prevention and healthy aging grant

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Northern Health understands older adults in the North want to stay in their homes and communities as they grow older. Preventing falls and promoting healthy aging initiatives are important to support older adults to live healthy and active lives. As such, Northern Health is introducing the Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging grant. This one-time initiative will fund projects that assist in preventing falls and promoting healthy aging for adults 55 years and older in our communities.

Grants are available for a maximum of $10,000. Applications open May 6, 2024.

Apply here.

Important dates 
Applications openMay 6, 2024
Applications closeJune 30, 2024
Sucessful applicants notified and awardedJuly 8, 2024
Final evaluation dueApril 30, 2025

Contact us

Natasha Thorne, Regional Nursing Lead, Injury Prevention
Phone: 250-617-2715
Email: prevent.injury@northernhealth.ca

Who can apply?
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • First Nations Bands and health centres
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Municipalities and Regional Districts
  • Community organizations and service agencies

Evaluation criteria

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Support fall prevention activities - initiatives that support local implementation of key strategies that reduce falls
  • Support partnerships and build relationships - will encourage different groups to work together, connecting people to each other and their community
  • Address a community need - will address something that is missing that could benefit the community and its residents to improve health and well-being
  • Reduce health inequities - improve access to supports and resources for better health for all
  • Build capacity - will develop and strengthen skills and resources within the community
  • Last - will have a good chance of living on after the funding ends

Funding limitations

Our grants do not fund:

  • Prize money or gift cards
  • Food for food banks, breakfast programs or large-scale catering
  • Academic research
  • Individuals or personal businesses
  • One-time events or projects that do not have a lasting impact
  • Projects outside of the Northern Health Region
  • Northern Health employees, programs or facilities cannot apply for funding but they can be listed as a support or partner in the project


Do I need a project partner to apply?

Projects are not required to have partners working together but preference will be given to projects that include partnerships and relationship building within community. When listing partners on the application, they must be from outside of the applying organization and each partners’ roles and responsibilities in the project should be clearly stated. It is strongly recommended that letters of support from project partners be included with the application.

Example - if a community group is listing their local municipality as a partner on the application, it would be ideal to have a letter of support from the municipality declaring their support for the project.

How detailed should my application be?

The more details included in your application, the better. Ensure that the project budget is clear and includes all costs that will be associated with the project activities.

Our project requires a lot of funding to achieve our goal. Can we apply for a “donation” to our funding pot?

Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging Grants are considered seed funding to get grassroots projects off the ground in community. Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging Grant is not a donation for large scale projects and cannot be used to leverage other funding in early phases of a project. We require that the total cost of the project is identified in the application and that it is clear how the Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging Grant funds (maximum $10,000) will be used to support and complete the project within our identified timelines.

Please ensure that all other sources of funding listed on your application are confirmed. We will support large scale projects that fit within our criteria, if the Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging Grants funds complete or support a piece of the project.

Example - if a recreation center was applying for funding to build a new pickleball court but are $10,000 (or less) short of their final goal and installation is planned for within the Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging Grant deadlines, their application would be considered.

Can we apply for a one-day event or community celebration?

Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging Grants fund projects that have a lasting impact in the community. These funds are not for one-time events. Preference will be given to projects that have a good chance of continuing after the funding is spent and will support ongoing programming and activities within a community.

Can I submit applications for multiple projects?

Yes, applicants may submit more than one application for different projects.

Can the funds be used toward costs incurred before the project start date?

Falls Prevention and Healthy Aging funding can only be used toward expenses incurred after the grant funding has been distributed. Retroactive payments are not allowed.

I would like to submit my grant application in video format, how do I do that?

We welcome applications in text or an alternative format such as video. Please submit all applications regardless of the format online.  All applications, regardless of what format they are submitted in, will be evaluated the same way.