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It is important to review and become familiar with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, Child Care Licensing Regulation, Residential Care Regulation and/ or Director of Licensing's Standards of Practice if you would like to become licensed.

The licensing packages are presented in a manner that will walk you through the basic application process to the point where the facility will be able to open and operate; that is, providing that the local zoning and bylaw requirements have been met, required documents have been submitted and successfully completed the application process. The application process includes an initial inspection of the proposed facility, a review of the policies and procedures; as well as undergoing an assessment of suitability process to confirm that the applicant is suitable to be a licensee.

Before getting started it is a good idea to contact your local Licensing Officer for guidance and assistance in completing the application process. It is advisable that you discuss your plans with a Licensing Officer before making any financial and or other commitments.

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