Nursing older babies and toddlers

Mother in blue shirt breastfeeding toddler

While babies often start to explore solid foods at about six months, continued breastfeeding is recommended for two years and beyond. Many parents continue breastfeeding their children during new pregnancies and in tandem with newborns.

Explore the sections and resources below for families with older infants and toddlers.

Breastfeeding for comfort

Breastfeeding can be supportive during times where there may be pain or discomfort for babies and toddlers.


Breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem breastfeeding

Infant and toddler nutrition

Returning to work

Breastfeeding is a human right. Did you know that BC employers are required to accommodate your breastfeeding needs, such as providing adequate breaks and a comfortable space for you to breastfeed and/or express your milk?

Share these resources with your employer and discuss how they can support you to meet your breastfeeding goals:



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