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What is myhealthkey

myhealthkey is a free digital personal health record portal that allows you to stay informed and engaged in your health care. It’s intended for patients who attend primary care clinics (also known as family doctor and nurse practitioner clinics) in Northern BC that use an electronic medical record system called MOIS in their office.

myhealthkey will eventually be implemented in all Northern Health (NH) operated clinics and is currently only available at the Valemount Primary Care Clinic. Privately operated clinics are also implementing this tool so check with the primary care clinic you attend.

What’s the difference between myhealthkey and HealthELife?

myhealthkey and HealthELife are two different patient portals, each used separately within Northern Health. This is because of the different types of electronic health records used in hospitals and primary care clinics, and how clinicians in these spaces use electronic documentation to record your care journey for you. Overall, each patient portal provides specific functions providers need in those different care spaces.

  • For example, if you want to book an appointment with a NH Primary Care clinic, you will use myhealthkey. To schedule hospital-based services like lab appointment, you will use HealthElife.

myhealthkey supports your relationship with your NH-operated primary care clinic and information and services in that environment, including reports shared with your primary care provider (family doctor and nurse practitioner) that come from NH’s labs and medical imaging services.

Pilot Community - Valemount

NH’s Valemount Primary Care Clinic was the first of NH’s clinics to start offering the myhealthkey personal health record in the primary care setting. The Valemount Primary Care Clinic was selected as a pilot site due to the enthusiasm and support of both patients and providers in the community for a portal.

With myhealthkey, Valemount patients can view their personal health information, as well as book and view upcoming appointments with their provider online.

Today you can

  1. Book appointments with your providers through myhealthkey anytime online
  2. View your scheduled appointments
  3. Join a video appointment with your myhealthkey clinic
  4. Access your Northern Health lab, pathology and imaging reports

How to register

  • Patients using the Valemount Primary Care Clinic can register in person during their next visit. Please ask about registration at the front desk when you arrive.
  • You will need your Health Card, ID and a unique email that only you use.
  • Families who share an email address will not be able to set up more than one myhealthkey account with that address.
  • The clinic will send you an email with how to set up your secure account.

How to login

  • Login and enter your username and password

Welcoming more NH-operated clinics to myhealthkey

NH is working to add all the primary care clinics it runs across the north to myhealthkey so that patients across the regions can engage with care providers who work in these settings.

As of Spring 2023, the Smithers Urgent Primary Care Clinic is working to activate myhealthkey in their community. We will update the community when the work is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why aren’t more Northern Health Primary Care Clinics using myhealthkey? Why only Valemount?

  • Generally, clinics are excited about patient portals and the services they can offer patients in managing their own care and information. However, clinics are also balancing providing services while transitioning to new ways of working with myhealthkey.
  • We encourage you to ask about myhealthkey at the primary care clinic you attend so they are aware of the demand.
  • Valemount was a “pilot site” – the learnings and enthusiasm coming from the Valemount physicians, staff and patients is encouraging providers in other clinics to look at enabling scheduling and health records access through myhealthkey. As new sites are onboarded, we will let you know!

What will I be able to do in the future with myhealthkey?

  • Send and receive messages securely with your health care provider
  • Receive a summary of your recent visit with your provider
  • Access other types of lab and imaging results
  • Complete intake forms or surveys from your clinic and more!

Why should I use myhealthkey?

myhealthkey opens the front door of your clinic online, anytime for appointment booking and reviewing your health record. This can help you manage your care and your appointment needs outside of the staffed hours of the clinic. Registering now opens up access to your health information and new services as they become available.