Office of Health and Resource Development

The Office of Health and Resource Development coordinates Northern Health’s response to inquiries related to natural resource development, including liquid natural gas, oil and gas, mining and other resource extraction activities.

NH/HEMBC contact information

The Office of Health and Resource Development (HRD) serves as a central contact point for companies, agencies and communities. Resource Development inquiries, including questions related to health service infrastructure and capacity, environmental assessments and general consultation questions, may be directed to:

The Northern Health Office of Health and Resource Development
Phone: 250-645-3131

For non-urgent requests related to Emergency Response Plans, or emergency exercise planning/information please contact: HEMBC North Director at 250-645-3189 or

For emergency events that require immediate connection with Northern Health please call: HEMBC on-call number (24/7) at: 1-855-554-3622 or 1-855-55-HEMBC

HEMBC will notify/activate the appropriate Northern Health programs (i.e. Public health, Acute care, etc.) based on the nature of the event/emergency. Please include this number in industry ERPs, for the use of permit holders in contacting Northern Health on a emergency basis.

Please do not include this number on Public awareness pamphlets for individual projects; the EMBC/Oil and Gas Commission's emergency number(s) is more appropriate, and the HEMBC 24/7 number is on record with those agencies.