Prenatal care

You're pregnant and wondering about next steps. A good place to start is to connect with a primary care nurse to discuss your prenatal care. They can offer you a confidential pregnancy support questionnaire to identify your needs. You can complete the questionnaire and bring it with you when you connect with a primary care nurse at your local health unit. They will support you to:

  • Connect you with a maternity care provider, including family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered midwives, or obstetricians (for higher risk pregnancies). You can also find a maternity care provider on the Pathways Medical Care Directory
  • Access to prenatal education and prenatal classes
  • Make healthy, safe choices in pregnancy
  • Learn about feeding and caring for a new baby
  • Explore the physical and emotional support you need
  • Find community services that are right for you

Northern Health no longer has a prenatal registry program through Public Health. Rather, prenatal services are delivered in an integrated, team-based way through Primary and Community Care (PCC). If you have any questions, email us at

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