Midwifery services

Midwives are experts in healthy pregnancy and birth. They provide primary care to pregnant women and people during pregnancy, labour, and birth. They also provide postpartum and newborn care for families in the first six weeks after birth. All services are covered by the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). Explore the sections below to determine if midwifery care is the right choice for your family.

Midwifery care

Maternity care providers, including midwives, support a woman's/birthing parent’s right to choose throughout their pregnancy and birth experience. They promote the natural, physiologic progression of labour and birth. They focus on the optimal physical, emotional, and mental well-being of both parents and their newborns.

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Northern BC midwives

Active midwifery practices in Northern BC

Midwifery services are available in several Northern BC communities. Explore the options closest to you. 

If you are aware of Registered Midwives (RMs) not included in this list, or if any of the following information is incorrect, please contact HealthyStart@northernhealth.ca.

Location Details Contact
Daajing Giids (formerly the Village of Queen Charlotte)

Dawson Creek

Gaw Tlagee/Old Massett


  • Skeena Midwives
  • Communities served: Gitanyow; Gitseguekla; Gitwangak; Hazelton; Kispiox; Kitimat, Morristown, New Hazelton, Sik-E-Dakh, Smithers, and Terrace

Prince George

Prince George
  • West Hill Midwifery
  • Communities served: Prince George and surrounding Northern BC and North Cariboo regions



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