Research in Northern Health works to promote excellence in every service by integrating research, evaluation and evidence into practice.

The research department actively supports our staff, physicians, patients and academic partners to conduct or engage in research activities that advance the priorities of NH and its communities. Our goal is to contribute to an organizational culture which encourages, expects, and supports the application of research in everyday practice.

All research must be reviewed and approved before any research activities take place (data collection, access to patients, interview staff, etc.) The research process map illustrates the steps involved in the research review process and supports.

If we can assist you with research or evaluation, please contact us on: or

The RET team

The Research Engagement Team (RET) is the first point of contact for non-clinical trial studies at NH. The RET team is here to help you navigate the research review process and to help connect you with key partners and stakeholders in the NH community.

Research, evaluation, or quality improvement?

The following documents provide further clarification about the similarities and distinctions between research, evaluation, and quality improvement:

  1. Differentiation of research, quality improvement and program evaluation (PDF) - Fraser Health
  2. Guidelines for differentiating among research, program evaluation and quality improvement (PDF) - University of Alberta
  3. Is your project research or quality improvement? Guideline and checklist (PDF) - The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)