Knowledge translation

Knowledge translation and/or knowledge mobilization are a set of strategic activities with the goal to streamline research evidence uptake, support a quality improvement culture, develop ongoing learning and information spreading efforts, drive the agenda for new research and discovery, and sustain and improve health research partnerships for health impact.

Knowledge translation supports the advancement of knowledge agendas and processes across teams to strengthen the health system and health outcomes. In particular, it is a practice that is continually being developed by BC health authorities, provinces across Canada, and internationally.

At Northern Health – Knowledge translation, we work with individuals and teams across the organization.

Five Days in May 2022

  • Enhancing support for older adults across the care continuum – A collaborative approach to implementation of AgeTech solutions in Northern British Columbia. Presented by: Dr. Shannon Freeman and Aaron Bond.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: Session1-5DaysinMay
  • Patient-oriented research projects in primary and community care. Presented by: Dr. Martha MacLeod and Dr. Erin Wilson.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: Session2-5DaysinMay
  • Pharmacy practice research in Northern BC – Opportunities for better care. Presented by: Robert Pammett.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: Session3-5DaysinMay
  • Research on early years and childhood. Presented by: Dr. Caroline Sanders, Erica Koopmans and Tess Amyot.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: Session4-5DaysinMay
  • Developing a partnership plan for patient-oriented research studies. Presented by: Dr. Davina Banner-Lukaris, John Chernesky and Spring Hawes.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: Session5-5DaysinMay
  • Rural and urban differences in opioid prescriptions and the impact on overdose in BC. Presented by: Dr. Kari Harder.
    Listen to the recording | Passcode: Session6-5DaysinMay

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