Houston Health Care Centre


3202 14th Avenue
Houston BC V0J 1Z0



Access to long-term care is through a Home Health assessment. For more information on subsidized long-term care, contact the Home Health office nearest you.


Northern Health

Building description

Houston Residential care consists of 4 permanent beds with a common area and shared kitchen space and secured outdoor space. This care facility is attached to the Health Center and primarily staffed with one LPN and one Residential Care Aid. We also have two short stay beds that are utilized for Respite and Palliative Care.

Building amenities

Houston Residential care is joined to the health center and private physiotherapy that is contracted to work with clients as referred; Primary Care Physician is on site during office hours, Mental Health Clinicians, Urgent Care Department, visiting dietician and diabetic nurse, Laundry, Housekeeping, Food Services. Television services are available through local cable company at an additional expense to the resident and family. Phone is available through nursing station.

Language, culture or religious affiliation

Persons living in a long-term care home are offered spiritual support through various religious and spiritual groups that come to the facility on a weekly rotation. Spiritual care may be provided through group meetings, one –to-one visits, sermons and music & song.

English, honoring diversity.

Philosophy of care

The Residents’ Bill of Rights serves as the foundation for all aspects of our care and operations. Northern Health and each of our staff members are committed to protecting individuals’ rights. As a team, we recognize that every resident is entitled to individualized, quality person-centered care.

Houston Health Care Center has provided long-term care services to Houston and surrounding communities since 2010. We follow specific standards to ensure our Residents are cared for appropriately and safely.

Accreditation status

Northern Health is accredited. Accreditation is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services health care organizations provide their patients and clients based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada. For more information, visit Accreditation | Northern Health.

Type of accommodation

We have 4 permanent beds with a common area and shared kitchen space and secured outdoor space. We also have two short stay beds that are utilized for respite and palliative care.


Residents pay 80% of their after tax income, with minimum and maximum rates set by the Ministry of Health Services. This rate covers the standard benefits provided by all long-term care homes. These costs are available on request or in the Long Term Care Home Resident and Family Handbook.

There are typical additional costs not covered by the daily rate.

Personal belongings and furniture

Basic furniture provided includes a bed, night table, wardrobe or dresser, and lamp. Residents can bring in additional small furniture items such as a chair, bookshelf/TV stand. Please bring personal belongings to make family member feel comfortable as this is their new home.

Special recreational opportunities

Houston Residential Care also provides an on-site integrated community adult day program, operating 3 days a week.

Motorized scooter policy

Basic, non-customized wheelchairs are provided. Walkers, canes, and any specialized or customized equipment are not provided therefore the cost is the responsibility of the resident. All power mobility equipment, including scooters and power wheelchairs, is assessed on an individual basis. The equipment is inspected on admission and a resident may be required to pass a power mobility driving test.

Pet policy

NH has a pet visitation policy. Pets may visit as long as immunizations are up to date, pet is well mannered, on a leash in common areas and family is responsible for cleaning up after pet.

Smoking policy

All Northern Health facilities are smoke free. Residents are asked to smoke outside the facility in designated areas.

Safety/security features

All entries and exits are secured to provide a safe environment.

Visitor information

Families and loved ones are partners in care and are encouraged to visit and participate in many of the day-to-day activities.  

During flu season (typically December-March) all visitors need to wear a mask in our facilities if they haven't had a flu shot.

Parking (resident/visitor)

Parking is available free of charge to all visitors.

Neighbourhood/community amenities

Houston Residential Care neighbours Jamie Baxter Park and is across the creek from the mall, most restaurants are within 3 blocks and some within walking distance.