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Blood Collection Tubes / Order of Blood Draw

Test tubes with color coded tops indicate the additive contained in the tube. In the DIRECTORY OF TESTS the color-coding is indicated as well as the volume of blood sample required for each test.  When collecting blood samples it is important to allow the tube to fill completely and to follow the "order of draw" for tubes as indicated in the Order of Draw Chart.

See Inpatient Requisition - Lab Req I and Specimen Requisition - Lab Req II for additional reference to tube type and specimens required for testing.


Pediatric Collections

Pediatric patients require special consideration when doing blood collections.  See the following charts for reference when collectiong pediatric bloodwork:

(Outlines the recommended maximum amount of blood that can be drawn in a single collection)

(Outlines the minimum whole blood volumes for pediatric patients)


UHNBC Laboratory Test Directory:

The UHNBC Laboratory Test Directory provides physicians and healthcare professionals with detailed test collection information. It also contains information relevant for the referral of specimens to the UHNBC Laboratory and other referral labs.