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Accreditation and licencing

Diagnostic Accreditation Program Certificates


Annual antibiogram

Blood collection tubes / Order of blood draw

Test tubes with color coded tops indicate the additive contained in the tube. In the DIRECTORY OF TESTS the color-coding is indicated as well as the volume of blood sample required for each test. When collecting blood samples it is important to allow the tube to fill completely and to follow the "order of draw" for tubes as indicated in the Order of Draw for Common Tests (PDF).


Diagnostic services

The NH Lab Services Test Directory provides physicians and health care professionals with detailed test collection information. It also contains information relevant for the referral of specimens to the UHNBC Lab and other referral labs. See the NH Lab Services Test Directory here.


Missing lab reports

All lab tests requested by an authorized health care provider are tested and reported. If a test is not performed for any reason, the reason is documented and the physician is notified.

Missing lab reports could be due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Requested test not ordered either in LIS or on the requisition
  • Test request not sent to the lab
  • Test not collected by lab
  • Sample not received in lab
  • Illegible or improperly completed patient requisition
  • Illegible or improperly labeled specimen
  • Test performed but not reported by lab
  • Test not performed and not reported by lab

If no results are available after the expected time for a test that has been confirmed to be ordered, contact the lab for further investigation.


Pediatric collections

Pediatric patients require special consideration when doing blood collections. See the following charts for reference when collectiong pediatric bloodwork:

(Outlines the recommended maximum amount of blood that can be drawn in a single collection)

(Outlines the minimum whole blood volumes for pediatric patients)


TB Igra collection

Turnaround Time (TAT) of test results

NH Lab Services has established turnaround times for test results based on clinical urgency. In order for the lab to meet established turn-around times, orders must be given the appropriate priority.

STAT tests are to be reserved for life-threatening (life and limb) medical emergencies.

Note: Smaller facilities may not offer a test menu as comprehensive as larger facilities and turnaround time will be affected. 

NH laboratories strive to meet or exceed expected turnaround times. Please contact the lab directly if turnaround times are not meeting expectations.

STAT Collections

Results will be available within 60 minutes from the time the sample is received in the lab (if the test is offered at that facility).

  • Samples that require testing off-site cannot be offered on a STAT basis, with some exceptions.
  • For tests that are tested off-site but a STAT collection is requested outside of regular work hours, a consultation with a pathologist is required.  


  • STAT blood cultures will always be collected on a STAT basis. Preliminary results will be available within 48 hours.  
  • STAT microbiology samples will be cultured as soon as possible at facilities with Microbiology services on-site and within the department’s working hours. Preliminary results will be available within 48 hours. 
  • STAT microbiology samples that have to be forwarded to a Microbiology service off-site will be shipped out as soon as possible. Preliminary results will be available within 48 hours of the receiving site setting up the culture. 
  • STAT Gram stain results will be available within one hour during Microbiology working hours. After hours’ STAT gram stains will be reported within one hour on the following samples only: CSFs and body fluids.

ASAP and Timed Collections

Results will be available within 4 hours from the time the sample is received in the lab (if the test is offered at that facility). Samples that require testing off-site cannot be offered on an ASAP basis.


  • ASAP Blood cultures will be drawn as soon as possible and preliminary results will be available within 48 hours.

Routine Collections

Turnaround times vary for routine collections. Samples are processed in a timely manner with standard test results available the same day. Samples that require batching or testing at another facility may take several days for final results.

Unexpected delays in reporting results

Occasionally the lab experiences difficulties that affect its ability to provide results within the expected turnaround time. Laboratories will make every effort to notify health care providers or wards in the event that a STAT or ASAP sample cannot be processed within the expected TAT and will communicate when results might be available.