Nutrition for children and youth

This page is for parents and caregivers of children and youth. Explore the sections below to find information and resources on various topics related to nutrition for children and youth.

Clients looking for nutrition assessment and support from a registered dietitian can:

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How to feed school-aged children and youth
  • Adults decide what foods to offer, and when and where to serve meals and snacks
  • Kids decide how much to eat, and which foods to choose from what is provided
  • Involve kids in growing, selecting and preparing foods so that they can build their food skills


What to feed school-aged children and youth
  • Offer children and youth a variety of foods. As they see foods over and over again, they will build their comfort with a wider range of foods
  • Balanced meals include foods from 3 or 4 food groups; balanced snacks contain foods from 2 food groups
  • Offer milk or water with meals and snacks. Between times, offer water