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Active transportation

Active transportation is any human-powered method of getting from one place to another. Get inspired about what active transportation is, why it’s important, what it can look like in your community, and how to get started

The most common forms of active transportation are walking and cycling; other examples include:

  • Wheeling
  • Skateboarding
  • Scootering
  • Skiing
  • Paddling

Where possible, replace a trip or two by vehicle with an active mode of transportation; it’s a great way to:

  • Add more physical activity into daily routines
  • Get a boost of energy for the rest of your day
  • Do your part to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enjoy and take note of what and who you see on your route
  • Reduce vehicle traffic and make active transportation safer for everyone

For information on the current state of active transportation in BC, as well as the plans and supports available to increase active transportation across the province, review the Government of BC and Plan H websites.

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