Testing locations

The face of HIV has changed

If you would like to be tested for HIV or HCV, ask your doctor or nurse practitioner (NP) to order the test(s). If you don’t have a doctor or NP, or aren’t comfortable bringing up the topic with your health care team, there are clinics and programs across the province that offer testing too. To find a clinic near you, visit the BCCDC's SmartSex Clinic Finder.

If there isn’t a clinic in your area, you can speak with a physician over the phone and have testing ordered for you and faxed to the lab of your choice. This service is provided by Options for Sexual Health and you can book your phone appointment by calling 1-800-739-7367, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm PST.


Talk to your family doctor, nurse practitioner, or contact the HIV/HCV Specialized Support Team. If you have further questions about HIV or any other topic about your sexual health talk to a registered nurse at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

For more information about the administrative team who support chronic disease services, see the Regional Chronic Disease Program.