Bulkley Lodge


Box 3640
3668 - 11th Avenue
Smithers BC V0J 2N0



Access to long-term care is through a Home Health assessment. For more information on subsidized long-term care, contact the Home Health office nearest you.


Northern Health

Building description

Bulkley Lodge is a stand-alone, long-term care home located in central Smithers, approximately 5 minutes from Bulkley Valley District Hospital.It provides care to 70 residents across four units within the building.

All resident rooms and living spaces are located on the main level of the home. The home has two specialized units for residents who may benefit from secure, smaller or slower-paced environments (e.g., dementia care). Three of the rooms in the home are designated for short-stay clients who require respite, convalescent or palliative care.

Building amenities

Bulkley Lodge features a central dining and activity room for residents living in the open units. Each secure unit has its own kitchen, dining room and lounge areas.

There is a main lounge area with a gas fireplace, a self-serve coffee bar and lounge, a hair salon, and an exercise room. Many of the lounge areas have a television for resident use.  All but 3 of the resident rooms are private with private washrooms. There are 3 double rooms, each with its own washroom. Rooms are equipped with personal lifts to assist those with mobility needs.

Bathing and showering is supported in specialized bathing rooms. Meals are prepared on-site in the main kitchen and served to residents in the dining rooms. Residents have access to the grounds in front of the building, and secure patio areas from the specialized units.

In addition to 24-hour nursing and personal care, services provided to residents include daily activity programming (integrated with an on-site Adult Day Program), therapeutic recreation, spiritual programming, occupational therapy, and specialized nail & foot care.

Physicians do routine visits to Bulkley Lodge to see their patients, and they can provide routine medical care on-site. Many private service providers (e.g. hair dressers; physiotherapists; massage therapists) offer services to residents both on-site and in the community. Residents have access to accessible community transit for community outings.

Language, culture or religious affiliation

Bulkley Lodge is not affiliated with any specific cultural or religious group / organization. Care and programming is provided in English. Cultural and religious diversity is honored and supported through regular programming, and collaboration with community organizations and services.

Philosophy of care

The Residents’ Bill of Rights serves as the foundation for all aspects of our care and operations. Northern Health and each of our staff members are committed to protecting individuals’ rights. As a team, we recognize that every resident is entitled to individualized, quality person-centered care.

Long-term care homes are an integral part of the community where people can live, work and play. We work together to provide person and family centred care with a focus on individual abilities that nurture a sense of purpose, belonging and companionship. Each person’s unique qualities are embraced and valued; choices are recognized and respected. Together, we will foster a life rich in purpose.

Accreditation status

Northern Health is accredited. Accreditation is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services healthcare organizations provide their patients and clients based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada. For more information, visit Accreditation | Northern Health.

Type of accommodation

There are 53 beds including 2 respite beds plus 3 short stay beds.


Residents pay 80% of their after tax income, with minimum and maximum rates set by the Ministry of Health Services. This rate covers the standard benefits provided by all long-term care homes. These costs are available on request or in the Long Term Care Home Resident and Family Handbook.

There are typical additional costs not covered by the daily rate.

Personal belongings and furniture

Basic furniture provided includes a hospital-style bed and mattress, night table, dresser and wardrobe. With approval, residents may bring additional small pieces of furniture and personal items such as a chair, bookshelf, television, and personal pictures or other decorative items.

Safety issues must be considered, and residents / families are responsible for the care and maintenance of personal belongings.

Special recreational opportunities

Bulkley Lodge provides daily therapeutic recreation services. Pastoral and spiritual services are provided by the Smithers Ministerial Group with regular, on-site spiritual care. There is a volunteer program in place to facilitate resident participation in social activities and outings.

Bulkley Lodge also provides an on-site, integrated community Adult Day Program, operating 7 days a week.

Motorized scooter policy

Residents who would benefit from the use of a power wheelchair (Motorized scooters are mobility devices which have steering columns and controls situated in front of the scooter seat) for indoor mobility must be assessed by the occupational therapist to ensure safe fit and operation. The costs of purchase and maintenance of power mobility devices are the resident’s responsibility.

Motorized scooters (Power wheelchairs are chair-style mobility devices which are typically operated with a joystick control mounted from the arm rest.) are most appropriate for outdoor use or in larger public spaces (e.g., shopping malls). For safety reasons, operation of motorized scooters is not permitted inside at Bulkley Lodge. Scooter storage is provided outside the main entrance for residents who wish to use scooters for community access.

Pet policy

NH has a pet visitation policy. Pets may visit as long as immunizations are up to date, pet is well mannered, on a leash in common areas and family is responsible for cleaning up after pet.

Smoking policy

All Northern Health facilities are smoke free. Residents must access areas off property to smoke or vape. Residents who wish to stop smoking will be prescribed appropriate smoking cessation supports (e.g., nicotine replacement products).

Safety/security features

The facility has a main entrance which is secured daily from 10 pm until 6 am. Entrance through the main doors during the day is unrestricted, but exit always requires use of a code. All other building entrances are code-secured and accessible only by staff. 

Secure units are accessed through coded doors.  Families and visitors are provided with the codes on request. Building door codes are changed regularly for security.

Visitor information

Families and loved ones are partners in care and are encouraged to visit and take part in daily life at Bulkley Lodge.  Meals for visitors can be provided for a small cost on request.  Arrangements can be made for family or support people (e.g., Hospice volunteers) to stay overnight in a resident’s room at times when this would be supportive to the resident.

During flu season (typically December-March) all visitors need to wear a mask in our facilities if they haven't had a flu shot.

Parking (resident/visitor)

Parking is available in one of three adjacent parking lots at no charge.

Neighbourhood/community amenities

Bulkley Lodge is located close to downtown Smithers and is within walking distance to most community amenities. The nearby mall (2 blocks) has a grocery store and pharmacy, a bank and several other stores.

Bulkley Valley District Hospital is located 7 blocks away. BC Transit operates an accessible transit service in Smithers and Telkwa Mon-Sat during regular business hours.