Simon Fraser Lodge


2410 Laurier Crescent
Prince George BC V2M 2B3



Access to long-term care is through a Home Health assessment. For more information on subsidized long-term care, contact the Home Health office nearest you.


Buron Healthcare.

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Building description

The building is a 2 storey wood frame structure with residential character and appeal. It was originally constructed in the 1950s as a private hospital and subsequently expanded in 1992 with the addition of the Special Care Unit and again in 2001 to add the Transitional care unit.

Recently, in 2010, the original private hospital was demolished and it has now been fully replaced which transformed Simon Fraser Lodge to a fully modern and well appointed care environment. Refer to Types of Accommodation for further information on the nature of care services that can be accommodated.

Building amenities

Resident areas are designed to allow for smaller groups and gatherings. In each neighbourhood, there are common areas for dining and recreation. There is a Bistro area which can be available for private gatherings. The building features lounges and outdoor courtyards. Additional amenities include a hair salon.

Optional services are available, if required for a fee. These services include hairdressing, nail and foot care.

Language, culture or religious affiliation

Persons living in a long-term care home are offered spiritual support through various religious and spiritual groups. Spiritual care may be provided through group meetings, one-to-one visits, sermons and music & song.

English, honouring diversity.

Philosophy of care

At Simon Fraser Lodge, the service philosophy revolves around “person centred care” where the individual is at the core of work. The mission is to provide” exceptional resident care and service” which is delivered through programs, services and the environment. Specifically, the Lodge provides a safe, gentle care environment that promotes personal health and independence.

The Lodge works closely with the families and the community networks to ensure relationships are supported and needs are met as best as possible. Through a culture of safety and innovation, the Lodge continually looks for ways to improve and is open to input and involvement of others, where appropriate.

Accreditation status

Northern Health is accredited until 2022. Accreditation is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services healthcare organizations provide their patients and clients based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada.

Type of accommodation

Simon Fraser Lodge responds to the varying needs of many seniors. We have 130 publicly subsidized beds. There are two types of accommodation; fully private rooms and private rooms with shared bathrooms. The type of care services ranges from complex care to specialized dementia care with 31 rooms being dementia special care beds.


Residents pay 80% of their after tax income, with minimum and maximum rates set by the Ministry of Health Services. This rate covers the standard benefits provided by all long-term care homes. These costs are available on request or in the Long Term Care Home Resident and Family Handbook.

There are typical additional costs not covered by the daily rate.

Personal belongings and furniture

Basic furniture is provided includes a bed, night table, wardrobe or dresser and chair. Residents can bring in additional small furniture items such as a vinyl chair, bookshelf per the Simon Fraser Lodge Resident Handbook.

Special recreational opportunities

There is a stimulating and engaging recreational program that offers a wide variety of enjoyment opportunities. Movement through exercise and games is facilitated as well as more therapeutic programs of walking and strength training. Social settings are supported with theme events, music and entertainers. Special events are offered and in most cases, are included in the Lodge services. Extra fees may apply to certain events and residents are notified in advance of any changes.

Motorized scooter policy

For the safety of everyone, motorized scooters are not permitted inside the building.

Pet policy

The Lodge is home to our family cats that wander in certain permitted areas and enjoy a comfortable stay.  Personal pets are welcome to enjoy short visits but require advance authorization from Administration. We require that all pets be fully up to date with their immunizations.

 There are also visiting animals as part of the recreation and therapy programs.

Smoking policy

All Northern Health facilities are smoke free. Residents are asked to smoke outside the facility in designated areas.

Safety/security features

Resident safety is an operating priority for Simon Fraser Lodge as is safety for our workers. The building is a secured area requiring authorized access at all times thru the use of allocated access codes.

There are secured outdoor areas that have been divided and partitioned as unique spaces for use by each resident grouping (such as Maple, Juniper, Elm and Spruce).  This ensures privacy and security when enjoying the outdoors.

In the event of an emergency, there are regularly reviewed protocols and practices to ensure the building and workers are well prepared and familiar with procedures.

Visitor information

Families and loved ones are partners in care and are encouraged to visit and participate in many of the day-to-day activities.  

During flu season (typically December-March) all visitors need to wear a mask in our facilities if they haven't had a flu shot.

Visiting hours are usually 7 am to 8 pm.

Parking (resident/visitor)

There is on-site designated visitor parking located in the front of the building. However, during busy times, parking may be difficult so please be prepared to park off-site and walk in. You may also ask what times are less busy to visit.

Neighbourhood/community amenities

Simon Fraser Lodge is central to many amenities including schools, the University Hospital of Northern BC, shopping, pharmacy, churches and parks.