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Active play

Information for parents and caregivers of young children on the importance of free and active play, including recommended websites that provide ideas and online activities to get started, and standards of practice for childcare settings.

  • Active play is freely chosen, unstructured, and fun physical activity that gets the heart pumping
  • Active play is an important part healthy childhood development as it:
    • Promotes physical growth and skill development
    • Builds confidence and problem-solving abilities
    • Teaches cooperation and social skills
  • Active play sets children up to have fun and positive experiences while gaining the skills, abilities, and motivation to take part in physical activity for life.

Feeling uncertain about the safety of allowing the child or children in your care to play freely outdoors? Explore the outside play tool designed to help caregivers feel more confident allowing for outdoor play.

Background information

Ready-to-use activities, ideas, and videos 

National resources

Northern Health resources

Standards of practice