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GR Baker Memorial Hospital, Quesnel BC - Redevelopment

Project overview

The new, redeveloped approximately 1,550 square-metre (16,684 square-feet) Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital will bring together, co-locate, those departments. This will improve patient flow, access to imaging and labs, security, privacy & confidentiality, and the alignment of critical care services and staff between the ED and ICU.

Cost of the project is $27 million and is being cost-shared between the provincial government through Northern Health and Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District. 

Construction is expected to start in late 2019 and be complete in 2021.

Project story

On April 17th, 2019 the Business Plan for the redevelopment of the Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was approved by the Province of BC. The Northern Health Capital Projects team is now moving quickly to move the project forward and start the exciting work of procurement, and ultimately, construction.

The Project Procurement Phase is the portion of the facility renewal process in which various procurement options are considered, including design, build, finance and maintenance. The procurement phase can last up to 18 months; however, once completed, construction typically begins quickly. The Design-Bid-Build process was chosen for this project.

The overall vision of the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) redevelopment is to provide a Critical Care Services area consisting of a co-located Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit consistent with modern best practices for a community hospital. The objective is to ensure Critical Care Services in the new facility comply with all applicable Canadian Standards Association standards for Canadian Health Care Facilities and with Accreditation Standards (i.e. triage, security, decontamination/hazmat, confidentiality), that improve patient flow, improve staff utilization, and decrease operating costs through workflow efficiency.

On completion, the redeveloped Emergency Department will contain new and updated treatment rooms along with a modernized trauma room and other treatment spaces (including rooms for cast work, observation, etc.).

The Intensive Care Unit is required to provide stabilization and care of patients with compromised airways and/or requiring ventilation, those recovering from overdose and complex surgical procedures and care for those with acute stroke, injuries from a trauma, myocardial infarction and acute exacerbations of complex chronic diseases.

On completion, the redeveloped ICU will contain five (5) patient care rooms with private washrooms as well as anterooms and a physician dictation room for increased privacy. The redeveloped area will also host a family meeting room and a new, centralized nursing station.


Project updates

May 2020

We are nearing completion of the Early-Works phase of construction for the G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital expansion project.

Once construction begins for the main build, Phase II (anticipated this Summer), parking will face significant impact to availability as the entire North parking lot (between ER and Fraserview Medical Clinic) will be closed to staff and public parking.  

Working with the City of Quesnel, we have secured additional parking at Weldwood park (approximately 20 stalls), in addition to Callanan St. in front of Quesnel Junior Secondary School (approximately 50 stalls).  An additional 10 (approximately) stalls will also be created on the grass in the South parking lot. 

Once the build commences, the entrance to ER will be via the current main entrance doors, and parking in that front area will be reserved for RCMP, ambulance, ER physician and on-call staff for G.R. Baker Hospital. 

Please note that there is no parking along Walkem Street (residents only) and parking in private businesses and in the city’s 2-hour spots is also prohibited for day-use.

As Phase I of the project winds down, the Riverfront Trail - Downtown loop is temporarily fully open. When Phase II of the project begins, the Riverfront Trail detour will be back in effect. The City will post more information about the trail detour at that time.

February 2020


Early Works will be starting very shortly in preparation for the construction of the GR Baker Emergency Department (ED) redevelopment and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) relocation. The tender for the Early Works phase of the project closed on December 6th, and the successful bidder is Ram Excavating Limited of Quesnel BC.

Early Works construction comprises the first of two phases for the expansion of GR Baker Memorial Hospital. This first phase of the project will begin on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Expect construction traffic to be using Walkem Street and Bowron Ave for access to the construction area. There will be noise typical to construction sites such as back-up alarms and compaction equipment. Access to your driveway and personal property will not be shut-off during this phase but traffic in our neighborhood will increase and we ask you to be extra cautious while coming into and leaving the neighborhood. There will be no construction activity before 7 am or after 10 pm on a week day and before 9 am or after 8 pm on any weekend or statutory holiday, as per City of Quesnel bylaw regulations.

The Early Works phase will specifically entail the relocation of a sanitary sewer line servicing Walkem Street and other buildings. Sewer services should not be interrupted but work will be taking place on the sanitary sewer main servicing all properties on Walkem Street and upstream. No excavation on Walkem Street is expected.

During construction, access will also be blocked off or limited at times to the Riverfront Trail west of and on the north side of the hospital. Alternatively, pedestrian traffic can use the side walk on Front Street to get around the construction area.

Due to the cultural history of the community and site, an Archaeological Impact Assessment is a Provincial requirement. The Early Works phase will permit archaeological review as existing underground services are relocated to make way for the main project when it is ready to proceed.

November 2019

The G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital project replacing the emergency department and redeveloping the Intensive Care unit is now in the pre-construction phase. The Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA) (see August update) is in progress; when the AIA is complete, followed by an Early Works project, construction of the main building addition will begin.

The Early Works project scheduled to commence this winter will involve relocation of underground sanitary and storm sewer services to make room for the main building addition. Once the Early Works project and archaeological review are complete, the remainder of the construction project can be tendered. Once awarded, remaining contractor bulk excavation will continue to be monitored by the archaeologist and First Nations representatives.

Interested contractors/constructors should pay close attention to listings on BC Bid ( over the coming months as tenders for the Early Works project will appear. This website will also be updated as those bids are scheduled.

August 2019

Human remains were discovered on the site of future construction of the G.R. Baker memorial Hospital ED and ICU expansion. The Coroner has determined the remains to be archaeological – we do not currently know how old they may actually be. 

Northern Health, its archaeologist, representatives from the Ministry of Citizen Services and local First Nations are continuing dialogue to determine next steps in the respectful examination of the remains during the period of excavation for building foundations. Northern Health is aware of the significance of this land to local First Nations and is working with representatives.

A permit was issued by Heritage Branch for a licensed archaeologist to prepare and submit an Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA). Preparation of the AIA is currently on hold pending instruction from Heritage Branch regarding continued archaeological requirements and processes of examination.

July 2019

Site Access: During the period of construction Northern Health and its Contractors will honour City bylaws and Northern Health requirements respecting hours of work and construction noise. Site logistics have not yet been confirmed with the City of Quesnel, Ministry of Health Services, and Northern Health Capital Services, but those discussion are in progress.

Northern Health has been in discussion with the City of Quesnel and the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure to determine acceptable site construction access points in an effort to minimize hospital and neighbourhood disruption that may be caused by construction vehicles and equipment.

Access points to the hospital site will remain as they are now.

Parking: Parking is and will remain free at GRBH. Parking for Staff, Physicians and visitors will be located on the East and West sides of the hospital expansion project. 

There will be limited parking onsite during the construction phase of the project; however, on completion, the site plans call for approximately 80 new stalls – this will result in approximately 15 more spaces than what is currently in place.


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