Restaurants and Other Permitted Food Facilities

According to the Food Premises Regulation under the Public Health Act, a food service service establishment is a food premises in which food is processed, served or dispensed to the public, and intended for immediate consumption. This will include facilities such as restaurants, cafes, diners, as pubs, caterers as well as food carts and trucks among others. The regulation also states that all food service establishments must have a permit issued by a health officer.

Environmental Health Officers ensure that food service establishments meeting all of the requirements off the food premises regulation prior to issuing a permit and conduct regular inspections to verify that they remain in compliance and safeguard public health.

Our inspection reports are publicly available.

Opening A New Facility

If you are planning to open a new food service establishment, please contact your local Environmental Health Officer prior to any construction work or modifications so that we can review your plans to ensure that they meet the requirements. The general required documentation for a food service establishment include.

  • Application Form
  • Kitchen Schematic
  • Food Safety Plan
  • Sanitation Plan
  • Copies of FoodSafe Certificate

More Information

If you are unable to find what you are after, please contact your local Environmental Health Officer