Next steps for new Terrace Hospital discussed by Northern Health Board

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The Northern Health Board of Directors’ latest public meeting, held in Terrace, discussed next steps for the development of a new hospital to serve Terrace and area. Northern Health is working on a business plan, expected to be completed in the late fall.

“An important part of the hospital project development, including the design and construction processes, is consultations among stakeholders,” said Cathy Ulrich, Northern Health Chief Executive Officer. “Details on those steps and opportunities for the community to engage in the process will be made public as they are established.”

The board also recognized and discussed the challenges private practice physicians in Terrace are having in recruiting to their practices. Northern Health recruiters are partnering with the physicians, the community and the Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice to develop a broader strategy for attracting and retaining physicians in Terrace.

“We need collaborative strategies to address the unique recruitment and retention challenges faced by private practice physicians in the Northwest,” said Northern Health Board Chair Colleen Nyce. “We are all at the table working together to solve this challenge and are optimistic that we can meet the immediate challenges and get to a place of long-term physician sustainability.”

In addition, the board received a report on the partnership initiatives that continue to develop between Northern Health, the First Nations Health Authority and Indigenous communities. Implementation of the Northern First Nations Health and Wellness Plan (a commitment in the 2012 Northern First Nations NH Partnership Agreement) continues to be guided by the Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee in the areas of primary health care, population and public health, mental wellness and substance use, cultural safety and maternal child health.

The board congratulated the Terrace leadership team on having recently won a Dr. Charles Jago Award for Innovation. The Jago awards acknowledge and celebrate individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to achieving NH’s vision and mission and reflecting our values. Health Services Administrator Chris Simms, Mills Memorial Director of Care Shirley Nichol, Terraceview Lodge Manager Brad Leier, Community Services Manager Mitch Griffith, and Support Services manager Justin DeMedeiros) were recognized for their innovative approaches to bringing a culture of safety and quality to local services, and seeking system improvements that can improve the experience of patients and their families.

Other highlights from the April 2018 regular meeting of the Northern Health board included:

  • A financial update forecasting Northern Health will be in a balanced position at the end of the 2017/18 fiscal year;
  • Human Resources report focusing on Workplace Health & Safety Initiatives across the region, and
  • Presentation of the 2017 Research Review Committee Annual Report, which (among other highlights) showed that health technology is emerging as a popular category among applications for research