Public exposures, outbreaks and enforcements

This page has been updated to reflect current COVID-19 measures, reporting and outbreak management practices. Some links have been moved or removed. For information see COVID-19 immunization clinics, testing and self-isolation, vaccine plans.

For information on declared outbreaks of illness or infectious diseases in Northern Health facilities.

COVID-19 in schools

With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, contact tracing is a less effective tool in the timely management of COVID-19. As such, Public Health is no longer able to contact everyone who tests positive, and Northern Health will not be listing school exposures for individual cases.

K-12 students are required to follow COVID-19 safety measures and complete daily health checks. Everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is expected to identify and contact their own close contacts.

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Northern Health’s public health team supports school communities by responding to larger clusters and outbreaks. K-12 schools are closely monitoring school attendance data to determine if/when public health needs to be engaged for support and guidance.

Northern Health updates this page if a school outbreak is declared. When the outbreak is over, the school is removed from the list.

School district School name Event Exposure date
No outbreak declarations at this time      

COVID-19 order enforcement measures

Province-wide COVID-19 restrictions have lifted because of BC's lowered hospitalization and transmission rates. With Provincial Health Officer Orders lifted, previous NH Public Health enforcement actions are rescinded and inactivated.

NH Public Health continues to support permitted establishments and event organizers with information and advice about communicable disease plans to reduce risk of all communicable disease, along other environmental health services.

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