HIV and Hepatitis C Care

The HIV and Hepatitis C Specialized Support Team (SST) supports the people and families of those diagnosed with HIV or HCV. This support is provided in person, or by telehealth, including videolink, telephone, text, fax, or email. 

You can refer yourself to the specialized support team, or you can be referred by a family doctor, specialist doctor, community agency, nurse, detox staff, or hospital staff. 

Services provided by the HIV and Hepatitis C Specialist Support Team (SST) include: 

  • Connect newly diagnosed patients to primary care (or interim medical care) or those wishing to reconnect with care, or those travelling through Prince George from outlying communities. 
  • Support patients to be ready for treatment, adherence, and ongoing engagement in their care. 
  • Advise on drug selection and side effect management, and help patients get access to HIV and/or HCV medications, including streamlining ordering, coordinating dispense frequence, and adherence aides (e.g. blister packs). 
  • Advocate for access to programs and support patients and clinicians in completing medical forms for income assistance, disability and tax credits, and diet supplements. 
  • Assess individual and family needs and establish connections with appropriate services (e.g. housing, counselling, transportation, food security). 
  • Coordinate and support communications between health care and service providers around complex client needs and goals. 
  • Connect with clients by phone, telehealth, or in person, and follow patients as they build capacity to manage their health and strengthen their connections to care. 

Our team of health care providers includes: 

  • Nurse practitioners
  • Social workers
  • Clinical pharmacists 
  • Infectious disease specialist
  • Administrative assistant

Community-based Responses to HIV and Hepatitis C

Northern Health funds eleven community-based, not-for-profit, and First Nations health organizations that offer HIV and HCV education, prevention/harm reduction, testing, case management, treatment, and support services, across northern BC. 

Please contact these organizations directly to find out their hours of operation, specific services, and to book an appointment. You don't need a referral to book an appointment.