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If you are sexually active you are at risk

Northern Health (NH), in collaboration with people living with HIV/hepatitis C (HCV) and Northern communities, aims to achieve the goals articulated in the Ministry of Health (MOH) From Hope to Health: Towards an AIDS-free Generation framework (2012): reduce the number of new infections in BC; improve the quality, effectiveness and reach of prevention services; diagnose those living with HIV as early as possible in the course of their infection; improve the quality and reach of support services for those living with and vulnerable to infection; and reduce the burden of advanced infection on the health-care system.

NH is also committed to the global 90-90-90 HIV targets set by UNAIDS. NH aims to improve outcomes through better coordination within NH along with strengthened community partnerships and collaborations. This plan describes priority work needed to make further progress on the aforementioned goals and targets.

Please find the full implementation plan below with other associated documents.