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Student Practice

Student practice (also referred to as student placement) offers students hands-on experience in a clinical or community setting to learn the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge to practice effectively in their field.

Northern Health recognizes the importance of students and continuous learning. Our goal is to provide a broad scope of learning opportunities, in collaboration with our academic partners, for students and practitioners from a variety of healthcare disciplines.

Northern Health considers placement requests in priority from local, provincial, national, and international public and private educational institutions, other agencies, and non-affiliated individuals.

An Affiliation Agreement is required between the Health Authority and the post-secondary Institution affiliated with the learning role. We, at Northern Health have adopted the Provincial Education Guidelines for student practice; please become familiar with this policy.

How do I request a clinical Placement?

Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Care Aid and Registered Psychiatric Nurse programs. Submit all placement requests through HSPnet. All other disciplines can contact the post-secondary institution or facility directly as has been done in the past.

For any questions or international placement requests please the clinical placement coordinator at studentplacements@northernhealth.ca

Placement Prerequisites


All students are required to complete the on line orientation called SPECO via the LearningHUB. SPECO includes the following modules:

  • Information and Privacy
  • Culture of Safety
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Muscular Skeletal Injury Prevention
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Code Red
  • Waste Management
  • Hand Hygiene

Photo Identification

  • Photo identification (ID) must be worn at all times while in any NH facility. Students and faculty are to wear their student photo ID that was issued by their post-secondary institution. NH photo ID may be issued depending on the clinical setting and the duration spend in the facility.

Criminal record check

  • It is required that you have completed a Criminal Record Check prior to commencing your placement at NH. This is usually a prerequisite to being accepted into post-secondary education.
  • The Criminal Record Check is valid for 5 years. The educational institution requires the student to sign a declaration annually confirming that they have not been involved in a criminal offense over the past year. 
  • The cost is the responsibility of the student. 
  • Your Criminal Record Check should be kept on file by your educational institution. 
  • False information will result in the termination of your practicum experience. 
  • You must inform your educational institution and your placement site of any status change incurred during your practice experience. 
  • The student may be required to provide proof of the Criminal Record Check. It is suggested that the student maintain a copy for their records.

Electronic Systems

Confidentiality Agreement

To be signed and stored by the post-secondary institution. Proof of signed form may be requested by the unit or facility.


Please contact your school to determine to best way to provide this information to your school.

Fit testing

Provided by your school annually.


Dependent on program and post-secondary requirements.